Hi! I want to introduce my little sister Tosia. She is eight months and she is so small and cute. She likes hugging and playing with a our small dog. Tosia is beautiful baby. She doesn’t have hair, and I am scared that she will be bald forever. I am such an idiot thinking like this. I hope her hair would be ok. Now she got a new toy. It is amazing! It is like a bubble foil, but it never ends. She doesn’t really know how to play with this toy, but all older people love it. My little sister has lot of nick names. I love to call her Tofinka. She’s name is Tosia, and she is sweet like toffee candy, together it will be........ Tofinka! She likes to make the same faces like me. When I am smiling, she is smiling too. She creeps on the floor so fast! I don’t know how Tofinka can move so fast! I like to play with her. When she wakes up after sleep I am going to her room with my mum, and when she sees us she is smiling so cute. I don’t know what would I do without her. I love Tofinka so much!

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