Gabi, age 10 - THE SIMS 4

I don’t know if you play The Sims 4. If you play, you know that there is a new game pack call Eco Live. It’s great. Me and my sister have already had it. There are some amazing new clothes for your Sims. There is also a new super world. But there is a problem. In the town there is no fresh air, and there is trash everywhere. The town residents can make this world better by voting on the local green open space, so there is more beautiful space in town, not only factories and trash. Your Sims can make their own juice and candles. There is a recycling machine too. If you are building your own eco-house, you can put there a solar panels and windmills to have less money to pay for energy. In this game pack you and your Sims can change the world!

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